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About Us

Founded by Mitch Stroup in 2019, Duckpond Digital is not just a service provider but a creative community rooted in timeless values and commitment to excellence. Welcome to a journey where every moment becomes an opportunity to transform ideas into visual masterpieces.
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Our Mission & Values

Our Story:

Established in 2019 by Mitch Stroup, an accomplished LA-based Digital Technician with nearly a decade of expertise, Duckpond Digital emerged to redefine the landscape of digital capture services. Founded with a boutique approach, our mission is to seamlessly blend precision, passion, and innovation in every service we offer.

Duckpond Digital History

The Origin Of Duckpond Digital:

Derived from Duck Season Social Club, a brand originating in Kansas City, Duckpond Digital carries the legacy of a fun-loving company that transcended business into a shared experience. The brand name traces back to "The Pond," a house rented by the original brand, where memories were made and creative energies flowed. Duckpond Digital encapsulates the essence of those cherished moments, radiating joy and camaraderie.

About Duckpond Digital:

Duckpond Digital, a full-service digital capture company. From gear rentals to on-set digital capture management, Duckpond Digital offers a comprehensive suite of services, setting us apart with an unwavering commitment to realizing even the most ambitious creative visions.

What distinguishes us is our limitless approach—no task is too big, no idea too wild. Duckpond Digital thrives on turning your creative dreams into captivating realities, fostering a collaborative journey where innovation knows no bounds.